Abby Shemesh
Amerinote Xchange

Abby J Shemesh is the co-founder and CEO of Amerinote Xchange, located in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Shemesh co-founded Amerinote Xchange in 2006 for the primary purpose of acquiring and purchasing performing and non-performing debt instruments secured by residential and commercial real estate.

Abby started his career in mortgage originations at the end of 1998 with Pennsylvania-based company called IBG Financial as a loan officer for the sole purpose originating loans.

In late 2000, Abby started working with Empire Mortgage Services Inc., a mortgage banking firm, which expanded mortgage-lending capabilities from the Pennsylvania to the entire east coast of the US.

In late 2004, early 2005, Abby discovered of the attractiveness of the secondary mortgage market and buying existing mortgages for predictable yields and stability as an investment, thus altering his career path and investment strategy direction.

In late 2006 Mr. Shemesh made the full transition from the primary mortgage market to the secondary mortgage market. Today, Amerinote Xchange is one of the fastest-growing loan acquisition firms in the note buying space.