Martin Kay

Martin Kay is the founder and CEO of Entera, the first end-to-end real estate AI platform designed for single family home investors. The largest institutional investors use Entera to find and buy billions of dollars of homes.

Prior to Entera, Martin founded Greenlet, a single family rental investor and service provider. Greenlet's investment division acquired and held $100M+ of single family homes across Texas and it's service division worked with 6 of the 9 largest institutional investors in the SFR space.  He also founded and exited three big data tech companies that developed key analytics platforms for dozens of Fortune 100 companies, REITs, PE firms, universities and governments, including Lexis Nexis, Conoco, Google, Cornell and the U.S. Department of Energy.

In 2017, Martin combined his technology background with his experience in residential real estate to form Entera. Entera’s mission is to transform the way investors and consumers find and buy single family homes.