Ramin Kolahi
Lighthouse Investments, LLC

Coming from a family real estate and banking office, Ramin grew up in and around real estate.  After a few years in consulting and developing brownfields, Ramin returned to the family real estate office to lead developing underutilized and new assets including growing the company’s hotels portfolio and serving as Assistant VP of Construction Loans.
Seeking to pave his own path, Ramin joined a privately held national development company to eventually become COO.  Ramin helped grow the firm to over $400M of development, including ground up condominium, conversions of boutique hotels and land development. 
Lighthouse Investments is a result of Ramin’s many years of experience to bring those lessons and skills learned early and developed over time.  Lighthouse invests in three main products, office, residential and hosptiality.  From creative office to ground up resicential, Lighthouse seeks to find value and arbitrage in markets, products and methodologies.  From award winning hotels to record breaking prices per foot, value is created inherently on purchase and understanding markets, further enchanced with disciplined management and execution.
Using its relationships and experiences, Lighthouse additionally invests in various residential and commercial investments and is currently seeking to expand its national portfolio of preferred equity investments in all real estate assets.