Aileen Canta
A F Canta Inc

Aileen Canta, founder of A F Canta Inc started in 2005, is a hospitality development firm having offices in Newport Beach California and Denver Colorado. 
Aileen brings nearly 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, Mixed Use and Commercial Building.  She has been immersed in the Development & Construction of various hotel projects from boutique, select service, full service and resorts.  Ms. Canta began with the Kor Group and having the opportunity to work for a smaller firm gave her the chance to flourish and become educated in learning to develop hotels from A to Z.  Aileen became versed in “Complete” Project Development.  This led to her becoming a developer of Hospitality.  She has worked in the US, Caribbean, Europe, South America and Canada. 
She has advised many owners on how to build and adaptive reuse their properties.  She has an affinity for Historic and Green projects. She has relationships with all the major US brands and has been instrumental in getting difficult projects completed. She also has experience in leading forensic teams in analyzing projects for ownership groups.
Aileen has been and still is a presenter at many of the industry events and conferences.  She has spoken on such diverse topics as green design and building practices to marijuana’s impact on the industry.  She continues to be asked to comment on the “cutting edge” issues of Hospitality.  She has been awarded “Best of Hospitality Development & Construction” for the years 2015, 2016 & 2017 by the City of Newport Beach , California.