Ioannis Linaritis
Assistant Director, Legal Services
National Bank of Greece

Dr. Ioannis Linaritis is Assistant Director in Legal Services of NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE. Since 2007, he has been primarily involved in all major Mergers, Acquisitions, Recapitalisations, Divestments (international and domestic) Projects of NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE Group, and since 2017 dealing with the Non-Performing Loans Sale & Securitisation Transactions.
In the last 20 years, he has been practicing as attorney-at-law, his specialty and research focusing in Company Law, Banking Law, Securities Law, Competition Law. He served as member of the State Legislative Committees on the recent Company Law (L. 4548/2018), Corporate Transformations Law (L. 4601/2019), Hercules Asset Protection Scheme Law (L. 4649/2019) and had lectures in Universities Law Schools’ Postgraduate Courses, Athens Stock Exchange training Programme and several legal Conferences.
He holds a law degree (first honours) from the University of Athens, a M.B.A. in International Banking & Finance (distinction merit) from the University of Birmingham and Ph.D from University of Athens Law School. He is the author of two books “The access to Financial Services through Internet under E.U. law” (2004), “Stock and Covered Warrants” (2018) and several articles published in legal Journals.