Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway was born in and raised in a single-parent home, a small, low-income apartment in Mt. Oliver, PA. He
grew up immersed in the struggle and decline of his community. Crumbling infrastructure mirrored the diminishing
opportunities plaguing the families and businesses around him.The odds and statistics were against him.

Joe enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1997 in the hope that it would give him a path and direction toward something more
than where he came from. In 2004 at the age of 24, Joe used his reenlistment bonus to buy a single house in his old
Pittsburgh neighborhood. Transforming that property turned into transforming his vision for his own future.

Joe spent the next five years educating himself through the MBA program at University of Pittsburgh and a new
career in real estate development with Landmark Properties Group. Both served as the knowledge-base he needed
in 2009 to form RE360, a real estate investment company focused on transforming disused properties into livable,
a!ordable homes for the residents of his childhood streets and communities like the Southside, Allentown, Knoxville,
Beltzhoover, Mt. Oliver, and more.

The work in Allentown in particular saw the transformation of an entire business district from mostly vacant to
mostly occupied. What started as a single property now spans over 500 residential and commercial rental properties
of under control of RE360, the renovation and construction company Build 360, and the commercial brokerage

In all this growth, though, Joe never lost track of his roots or his heart for his hometown. This has meant that his
work has always had to be more than just fixing houses; it must be actual community development. With this in
mind, Joe has mobilized his team to attract business and cultural leaders who might have otherwise forgotten about
the hilltop neighborhoods. Leveraging his leadership in the area, Joe directs the time and resources of his companies
to support youth programs as well as community events and festivals.

The future of Joe’s work is turning toward transforming more neighborhoods, with the next targets already in sight.
Growing the scope of his company to include more than just real estate is also in motion; working alongside established
restaurateurs to create culinary destinations means bringing new excitement and energy to the hilltop while
using the business assets of a now $45 million company to invest in new industries and markets.

Relentless hard work, vision, ingenuity, and a willingness to persevere where many don’t even bother starting: that’s
the story of Joe’s life now.