David Wenger
GRA Capital Holdings

David Wenger is an attorney and longtime cannabis industry investor, managing a portfolio invested since 2016 in privately-held and public US and foreign cannabis companies.
David wrote a seminal White Paper on the US cannabis industry, "The Green Regulatory Arbitrage: A Case for Investing in US Multi-State Vertically-Integrated Cannabis Companies" (New Cannabis Ventures, Sept 2018), widely read across the world.
David is a member of the US Senate Cannabis Working Group and the US House of Representatives Cannabis Working Group. David is also a member of Bhang Corporation’s Global Advisory Council, an Arcview Group lifetime investor member and advisor, and a member of America Israel Cannabis Association's Advisory Board.

Prior to David’s professional involvement in the cannabis industry, for 13 years he represented foreign government and major corporate clients in high-stakes complex cross-border disputes and transactions. He worked in the New York office of leading global law firm DLA Piper, acting for clients around the world such as Kingdom of Thailand, Petrobras, Ruler of Dubai, Afghanistan, PPG, Irving Shipbuilding, Pfizer, Troy (Vietnam), and Oman.