Amy Peckham
Etain, LLC

Amy K. Peckham (CEO) is charged overseeing Etain, LLC  which is New York's only Women Owned and Family operated licensed Medical Marijuana Registered Organization.  In addition to overseeing the corporate mission for expansion to other markets, Amy specifically focuses on day-to-day concerns for Community Relations and Marketing. Ms. Peckham attended Catholic University in Washington, DC, and received her bachelor' s degree from Iona College, in New Rochelle, New York. Her extensive experience includes 15 years as a paralegal, and holding Corporate Secretary and Management Advisor responsibilities in Peckham Family Holdings, Inc., also a family-owned construction material company operating throughout New York, where she is responsible for policy, strategic planning and strategic plan implementation; oversight and management of land use, public relations, financing, capitalization, regulatory compliance, crisis management and succession planning activities.  Amy Peckham has served as the CEO of Etain, LLC in New York since 2015 and spearheaded Etain’s successful bid for a license in the state. Amy has also assisted other companies with application processes for other states, and helped Khem Organics win a license to operate in Massachusetts. Under Amy’s direction Etain has also undertaken efforts to expand to California and recently received a license in the City of Lancaster, Los Angeles County. Amy has managed the vision for Etain’s successful New York operations, with creative focus and drive.