Chris Garner
Garner Properties & Management LLC

Mr. Garner is the CEO of Garner Properties & Management, the largest single-family management company in Michigan with over 1700 SFR under management. In 2014, Garner Properties expanded operations into the  Indianapolis market. 
Chris grew up in the real estate and management business as his father and grandfather were active investors and landlords. Chris spent his weekends as a teenager working on rental properties and tenant turns.  Taking over the “Family Office” with 200 units in 2012, he used his business and technology acumen to implement a growth strategy that helped build the business to where it is today.
Garner has a staff which includes 40 team members dedicated to the management of the properties in addition to 7 agent/brokers.  Garner Properties & Management focuses on portfolio management and International investors by providing acquisition, management and disposition services for its clients.