Jade Green

After starting college at just sixteen years old, Jade graduated with an honors degree in Biochemistry from the University of Florida at the age of twenty. Jade started her first company in the medical sector at age twenty-one when she was approached by a company in Florida applying for a medical marijuana license. Jade helped write the application and became a partner and investor in the company, which was awarded one of the first five vertically integrated licenses to produce medical marijuana products in the state. After seeing the success from her first cannabis initiative, Jade sold her medical company at the end of 2015 and moved to Los Angeles to focus on cannabis full-time. There, she founded Jade Green Consulting, an all-female cannabis consultancy that offers services for asset acquisition, licensing deals, and start-up advising. Now, after nearly five years of experience in the cannabis industry, Jade Green Consulting boasts a roster of private and publicly traded companies focusing primarily on operational strategy and expansion initiatives. Jade was recently named partner and CEO of, the industry's largest digital marketplace for selling cannabis licenses, businesses and green zoned real estate.