Todd Dexheimer
Ventured Properties

Todd Dexheimer, CEO of Venture D Properties, LLC started investing in Real Estate in 2008 in mainly single-family homes & small multi-family. Since 2008 he has purchased and renovated roughly 800 units. Todd has completed over 150 flips, including a 20 unit mobile home park, a ski resort and a 15 unit apartment complex, while using those profits to build his rental portfolio. Currently Todd owns approximately $35 million in real estate comprising of 550 units located in 5 states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee). His focus is on syndicating value-add multi-family in emerging markets.
Todd is also the host of the podcast Pillars of Wealth Creation and does some coaching for multi-family investors. Todd is passionate about teaching others how to create a business and how to take control of their finances. Todd was a high school industrial tech teacher prior to investing.

Todd Dexheimer lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and 2 kids. Todd is into downhill and water skiing, hunting, camping, hiking, hockey and running. He volunteer coaches for his sons hockey and baseball teams as well as enjoys various volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Todd’s passion is to teach underserved youth and adults how to create financial independence and security.