Daniel Shaked
Founder & CEO

Daniel Shaked is the CEO of Home365, a new age tech-focussed property management company.

Home365 - Makes renting out real estate easy, predictable, and more profitable than ever before. A Hybrid InsureTech and Property Management company that leverages data, AI and workflow automation to offer a personalized, all-inclusive management service that guarantees the Net Operating Income (NOI) of rental properties.

Daniel is based in Palo Alto, CA which feeds his obsession with Tech Startups that delve into PropTech, Shared Economy and Future of Living. With over 15 years of experience in Hyper-Local SMBs space and a solid understanding of Real Estate, Daniel is passionate about changing the real off-line world pains with Software and technology. 

Home365 currently operates in the Las Vegas metro area and on the verge of launching 3 new markets with the next few months.