Marco Soriano
Soriano Global Holdings Limited

I'm a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at the Soriano Group Family Office, a leading consortium of global enterprises some privately-held with offices in the United States, Europe, LatAm and Asia. My key strategic experience involved:

•    Domestic and cross-border private equity-backed and strategic mergers and acquisitions involving private and publicly-listed companies; 
•    Private equity and venture capital fund formation & management; 
•    Shareholder activist matters, including Advisory Board Memberships 
•    Public offerings and private placements of equity securities; 
•    Global Business Development 
•    Venture capital investments.

Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of leading a number of the world's most recognized mergers, acquisitions, public offerings and fund formation transactions.

I frequently serve as a featured speaker at prominent conferences throughout the world on topics involving private equity, M&A and asset management, and as a resource for leading television shows and publications including Fox News, Fox Business, Nasdaq, RBN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg. In addition, I've authored many articles that have been published in books, well-known journals and periodicals relating to private equity, M&A, board fiduciary duties and asset management. 

Prior to joining The Soriano Group, I served as a VP at Goldman Sachs Private Banking side in London, UK and The World Bank Group as a Senior Financial Analyst under the Special Representative to the United Nations.

You are welcome to contact me directly: Twitter @sorianoGRP  IG @sorian8o E: