Mercedes Torres
Founder & Director
Epic Real Estate / CashFlow Savvy

Mercedes Torres is the Co-Founder & Vice President Epic Real Estate running the Turnkey Division of her company, CashFlow Savvy. A lover of life. Relentless. Passionate. Inspiring. Committed. Wife. Mother. Cash flow in vestor and tycoon....

In her very first two years in the world of Real Estate, Mercedes flipped 24 properties. Now, she has 2000+ real estate transactions to her name. She’s appeared on the A&E show Flip That House, graduated from UCLA — and is currently divulging all her life’s lessons and real estate savvy to her friends, followers, clients, and connections. If you see her on the town she’ll be sipping a spicy margarita while dreaming up that next big deal.
She often says, “Family first, then financial freedom” and... she does more than speak those words, she lives by them. In the real estate world, Mercedes is known as a fierce and relentless latin leader that lives a fully focused and mindful life. She knows how to ‘step away’ from work when she’s with the fam. And at work, she uncovers solutions that deliver wins for everybody — wins that create lasting relationships built around more than just table talk.
Mercedes is an active player in the real estate game. She still runs her own portfolio while she partners, develop, grow, and add profit producing properties to their income stream and the strem of hundreds of her client. And she loves nothing more than taking someone from “this isn’t possible” to “finally, I’ve escaped the rat race”.
Mercedes travels the country giving educational speeches that inspire breaking free from the normal routine with strategically planned real estate success. Catch her live every Tuesday on the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast — a top 30 podcast with over 350k downloads per month.