Jennifer Gunnels
Chief Operating Officer
Realty Haven, LLC Property Management

Over 24 years of experience in the rental investment space, with an emphasis on value-add renovations project management/investor relations and acute financial management. Successful at building high-performance management teams and leading results driven portfolios. A strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency which in turn determines positive retention, revenue generation and yields profitable assets. Ability to formulate and implement long-range real estate asset management strategies by accurately analyzing specific areas of need and future growth potential, yielding value added benefit to the company’s portfolio of real estate assets and assurance of meeting deadlines through proper follow up. Innate ability to educate and motivate employees to not only ‘manage’ assets in the present, but continually build worth to assure that the assets are even more valuable in the future. Conduct and supervise training/financial development programs for employees so that they not only are reviewing weekly financial progression but also predicting future needs to assure continued success throughout the fiscal year. Implementation of training that offers a positive means of developing skills, enhancing productivity, improving quality of work, and instilling loyalty to the management firm. Skilled at establishing operational excellence, while promoting growth tactics and persistently turning productive ‘ideas into action’.