Dick Kazarian
Managing Director, Behavioral Modeling Group

Dick is responsible for MIAC’s Behavioral Modeling team.  His team handles MIAC’s “bespoke” client-specific models as well as generic behavioral models underlying WinOAS and Vision.
Dick has had over 25 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles at bulge bracket and boutique investment firms.  Prior to joining MIAC, he lead the Securitized Products Group team within the Global Model Review Group.  Previously, Dick spent 12 years at Lehman Brothers and Barclays as head of Prime Services Risk where he managed a team of risk professionals in New York, London and Tokyo.  During this time he also was responsible for developing prepayment and default models, VaR models, and interest rates models for the mortgage business.  Prior to Lehman Brothers, Dick was an assistant Professor at the University of Michigan where he taught MBA students and developed curriculum related to real estate, finance, mortgages and investments.
Dick is a graduate of Cornell University with a Cum Laude BS and the University of Chicago with a PhD in Finance and Econometrics.