Lue Kok-Meng
Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Nippon Wealth Life Insurance Company

Kok-Meng Lue joined Nippon Wealth Life (NWL) as CIO in January 2013.  He is responsible for the company’s US$30 billion portfolio covering rates & credits, ETFs, securitization products, currency hedging, private equity, and derivatives trading.  Prior to NWL, Mr. Lue was Head of Trading and Alternative Investments at MetLife Japan where he joined in August 2009.  He was responsible for all aspects of trading, alternative investments and macro strategy research for MetLife Japan.  Kok-Meng entered the Japanese life insurance industry in April 2002 as Investment Risk Manager for AIG East Asia Holdings which was later acquired by MetLife.  Kok-Meng started his investment career in 1992 with Credit Lyonnais’ and later with UBS as quantitative analyst & proprietary trader and has worked in the equity and forex areas focusing on the Japanese market.  Kok-Meng received a BS in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  And he has earned a Master of Science and a Master of Arts degree from Princeton University’s Mechanical & Aerospace Department.  He has completed all required course work for the PhD program while at Princeton.  He is a certified Financial Risk Manager from GARP and has passed the Series 7 examination.  Kok-Meng speaks English, Japanese, Cantonese, and Mandarin; he spends his free time on CrossFit, cycling, and loves food & traveling.