Scott Grimberg
Portfolio Manager

Scott Grimberg joined CalPERS in December 2013 as a Portfolio Manager in the Global Fixed Income Group to manage the Emerging Market Fixed Income portfolios and work on the EM sovereign and Global Fixed Income and Currency investment process.  Mr. Grimberg manages both $2.8bb of internal portfolios as well as external EM portfolios, including the selection and management of external EM managers.
Mr. Grimberg has been managing Global Fixed Income, Emerging Market fixed income and currencies for the past 18 years and was an EM analyst on Wall Street and the rating agencies.  Mr. Grimberg began managing money for clients at Bank of America Capital Management where he managed Global and EM Fixed Income and Currency portfolios for 40-Act funds (mutual funds, closed end funds) and institutional clients including endowments and pension funds.  The BofA team moved to Nuveen Asset Management in 2004 to start their Taxable Fixed Income business.  There Mr. Grimberg was in charge of Emerging Market Fixed Income and Currency portfolios and oversaw operations as part of the account set up and management process.   In 2006, Mr. Grimberg was recruited by BNY Mellon Asset Management to start their Global and EM Fixed Income business.   While at BNY Mellon Asset Management, Mr. Grimberg helped create the hedge fund group for Pareto Investments, sat on the hedge fund investment management committee and directly managed the EM Fixed Income and Currency investment process and structure as well as the research and operational aspects of the fund.
Mr. Grimberg was then a partner and principle of a specialty emerging market investment manager called Minlam Asset Management.  Minlam combined sovereign local EM fixed Income and Currency investing and direct lending into EM countries.  Clients included pension funds, endowments and HNW’s.  The partners sold Minlam at the end of 2012.   Since selling Minlam, Mr. Grimberg was consulting for Peridiem Global Investors in Los Angeles.  Peridiem is a Global Fixed Income and Currency hedge fund;  Mr. Grimberg helped create and implement an EM Fixed Income and Currency investment and risk process as well as establish investment metrics and trade structures.
Prior to being a Portfolio Manager with BofA Capital Management in 2000, Mr. Grimberg was an EM Fixed Income and Currency analyst for Miller Tabak Securities and S&P (focusing on sovereign and currency risks in emerging markets).  Prior to that, Mr. Grimberg was a consultant to USAID contractor in Central America and worked in country on finance and investment projects.