Kulwant Sharma
Sharma Consulting

Kulwant is an Independent Consultant and provides consulting services to his clients in consumer finance industry. He has over 20 years of versatile experience in structured products, trading, portfolio management and risk management. He joined E*TRADE Financial in 2001 where he served as a key person for building the $1.6B CDO platform from grounds-up and he managed $4.5B of MBS portfolio. During this time, Kulwant worked with many Wall Street firms, CDO Bankers and the Rating Agencies. In addition to the portfolio management duties, he was also responsible for valuation of securities, hedging of fixed rate assets, mark-to-market of assets and liabilities and assisting the company in making investments in CRA eligible Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) assets.
After leaving E*TRADE, he joined John Hancock where he executed a $2.0B synthetic CDO transaction end-to-end including the sale of debt in the global capital markets. After leaving John Hancock in 2008, Kulwant joined Fannie Mae to lead the consolidation accounting of $3.0T balance sheet comprising of loans and securities and the investment portfolio to enable the company to comply with FASB 166 and 167 standards. In 2012, Kulwant joined Freddie Mac as a Director of Risk Management where he led multiple high visibility initiatives such as the development and implementation of risk oversight function for company’s $1.8T Single-Family Servicing portfolio and providing risk oversight for the Credit Pricing of mortgage loans acquired through the Guarantee channel and Cash Window and functions. He left Freddie Mac in December 2018 to pursue other opportunities.
Kulwant received his MBA in Finance from Temple University and he holds a MS in Industrial Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Thapar University in India.  Kulwant is also a CFA Charterholder and a Professional Risk Manager (PRM).