Paul Pettinelli
CEO | Co-Founder
Nautic Homes

Mr. Pettinelli’s commercial and residential real estate background for the past 18 years spans across several asset classes such as hotels, office buildings, multi-family, and single-family. Mr. Pettinelli excels in corporate leadership, real estate capital markets, finance & accounting, asset management, operations, and investment strategies designed to maximize values and returns. Paul’s primary focus for the past 10 years has been divisional and new company startups as well as real estate portfolio growth. Whether Paul is starting a branch within an established company or helping grow a newly formed company, Paul brings leadership and strong business acumen to each company.

After Paul’s involvement with hotels, he would then launch Ashley River Property Management and Pett Investments. These companies focused on underwriting, acquiring, wholesaling, renovating, and managing single-family investments shortly after the 2008 financial housing crises. Around this time, Paul was also growing the commercial and residential investment division of Carolina One Real Estate, Charleston's largest real estate firm. He would later facilitate the sale of his portfolio and clientele to Carolina Real Estate.

Paul would later accept the role of Conrex’s Director of Asset Management from 2013-2019 where he was one of the first directors to join the firm. Paul helped scale Conrex’s SFR funds from 25 assets to 8,000 with 900MM AUM. Paul then joined Capaven, where he served as Head of Asset Management before quickly moving into the CFO position. He served there for a little over a year focusing on building a sustainable financial and asset management infrastructure. Paul has now co-founded Nautic Homes where he serves as CEO. Nautic Homes focus on best-in-class real estate services for national acquisition and broker management, consolidation, acquisitions technology, renovations, property management, and asset management for institutional clients as well as smaller investment groups looking to grow.