Izura Shentu
Vice General Manager of FICC Global Trade
Zheshang Securities

IZURA or YEQIN has joined FICC lately as the Vice GM of Global Trade in Shanghai, Pudong Area. She was previously the Chief Equity Anlayst in China Finance Industry, and has served multiple functions at HSBC, Citi and Standard-Chartered Bank. Given her experience in research and macro study as well as professional network, she now takes the lead in cross-border global market FI transactions and all-round business engagement at Zheshang Securities. And based on FICC’s expertise and performance in self-funded leveraged investment and intermediary services, she is promoting global market businesses across China rates, credit, IRS, treasury futures, ABS, convertibles, TRS, options and more.      Izura holds a BCom degree of Zhejiang University in Econnomics major and English minor, and an MBA degree of BI Norwegian Business School. She has worked as Research Assistant in Economics at the Universität Würzburg and was rewarded the DAAD Scholarship. She speaks native Madarin, fluent English and German, and basic Korean. She plays traditonal Chinese instrument (Pipa) and is the Second Class National Athelete of China in Artistic Gymnastics.