Chris Clemente
Comstock Holding Companies, Inc

Chris Clemente is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Comstock Holding Companies, Inc. (“CHCI”) and Managing Director of privately held Comstock Partners, LC, owner of the Anchor Portfolio being developed and managed by CHCI. Mr. Clemente founded the Comstock organization in 1985 and has guided its growth since inception. Prior to the 2004 IPO of Comstock Homebuilding Companies, Inc. (now Comstock Holding Companies, Inc.), Mr. Clemente served as President and CEO and since the IPO, Mr. Clemente has served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Clemente also chairs CHCI’s executive committee and is the largest individual stockholder. Mr. Clemente is responsible for charting the strategic direction of CHCI and its subsidiaries, evaluating acquisition opportunities for the company and its asset management clients, and overseas strategic partnerships, including CHCI’s institutional joint ventures and public-private partnerships between CHCI affiliates and governmental entities. In 1999 Mr. Clemente co-founded Comstock Partners, LC with Dwight Schar and other family members, which focused on commercial real estate development. In 2018, CHCI announced it would wind-down its for-sale homebuilding operation and focus instead on commercial real estate development and asset management. CHCI has since vertically integrated operations to include subsidiaries focused on construction and development, commercial property management, residential property management, and commercial garage management, while expanding assets under management to include its ~7MM square foot Anchor Portfolio and other commercial assets owned in CHCI’s institutional joint ventures.