Sherina Hosein
Vice President, Fundraising
CGI Merchant Group

Sherina Hosein combines conventional and forward-thinking approaches and utilizes world-class technology to enhance investor engagement to lead novel ways of fundraising and investor relations at CGI. With extensive cross-sectional experience, she knows how to articulate and execute on differing strategies customized to a wide-ranging investor base. Before joining CGI, Ms. Hosein has held leadership roles in private placements of bonds and securitized notes as well as bank syndicates up to $1 billion. She has worked with RBC (former RBTT Merchant Bank) and was a vice president with the financial group owned by billionaire Michael Lee-Chin. Ms. Hosein was a business consultant to an international project development group. There, she advised on new investments, business and financial models, and strategic planning for diversifying the real estate portfolio into other indigenous branded businesses such as a five-star hotel, mixed use commercial and retail investment, and vehicle leasing. She had also executed some of these business plans by holding executive positions for various companies established by the group in the United Arab Emirates. Ms. Hosein has an MBA in finance from Lincoln University (UK) and a BSc in analytical chemistry with a minor in math from the University of Toronto. Her past board positions include the State National Board (Regulatory Industries Commission) of Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad and the Tobago Manufacturers’ Association.