Danny Kattan
CEO Founder

Daniel Kattan is the Founder of and a Principal/Cofounder of PIA Group USA.   

He Cofounded, PIA Group, an early institutional player in the SFR rental asset class. In 2009 he saw the opportunity to put together all the pieces necessary to bring institutional capital to the SFR rental market and grew the company to over 800 units of inventory between single and multifamily residences. To manage this operation, they created a vertically integrated company with construction, property management, maintenance, acquisitions, brokerage, and capital market divisions and grew to have 70+ employees. In 2018 PIA sold its SFR to Firstkey/Cerberus and most of the multifamily to other investors.  The company pivoted to buy large institutional size multifamily buildings and opened up the company to outside investors ( 
As an operator of SFR, Mr. Kattan was frustrating to see how much money we spent on maintenance and turnovers of properties.  The conclusion was that tenants do not treat the properties as their own. This research leads him to ask the question of what happens when a homeowner wants to sell their house and stay there as a renter? What alternatives do they have?  As a passionate entrepreneur and real estate professional, he realized there was an opportunity to solve this problem by implementing a model that creates value across the industry. Most importantly, this model provides a solution to homeowners that need to sell and leaseback their homes.
He founded in early 2019. Our objective is to create a marketplace that connects homeowners that want to sell their house to investors who want to acquire properties and rent them out. We will facilitate deals that allow sellers to stay as renters while allowing investors to purchase rental properties where tenants treat the property as if it was their own.

Over the last 25 years, Mr. Kattan has advised clients in the acquisition and financing of real estate assets, founded Idea Group he was instrumental in the launch of an internet services company, an advanced telecommunications company and a biotechnology company and served as regional managing director for a Pan-American Investment Fund for Chile's Grupo CB focusing on the financial, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure sectors. Mr. Kattan received his MBA in 1995 from Wharton School of Business. He graduated Cum Laude from Northeastern University School with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.