Christopher Clothier
Partner/VP Sales & Marketing
Memphis Invest, GP

Memphis Invest, GP is a family-owned investment firm founded in Memphis, TN. The family enters their 17th year assisting real estate investors with passive investments in the single-family category.  Today, the company operates in seven markets:  Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and St. Louis. The company manage just over $700 million in investment portfolios for single-family residential investors. With 2,000+ clients and 6,000+ properties under management, they have developed the software, systems, processes and protocol for managing large portfolios and scaling this business platform in multiple cities quickly and efficiently. The company is owned and operated by the Clothier family, third generation entrepreneurs in the city of Memphis. Kent Clothier, Sr. is the founder and CEO of Memphis Invest, REI Nation, Premier Property Management Group and PPMG of Texas.