Val Sotir
Managing Director
Watermark Capital & Watermark Exchange

Val Sotir is the founder and CEO of Watermark Capital Funding Partners and Watermark Trading Exchange. Val brings over 25 years of trading experience from Wall Street to mortgage banking and in buying and selling distressed mortgage notes - an essential element to the company´s success. His career started on Wall Street as a stock broker, investment banker and securities sales professional with emphasis in trading, investment planning and research & client portfolio management. Besides the day to day operations at Watermark Capital, Val also serves as the Managing Director at Watermark Trading Exchange  - The Premiere Note Exchange that is creating a bridge between Wall Street institutional mortgage wholesalers and Main Street retail note buyers who are usually only able to obtain notes privately on a one off basis. Val's relationships in the lending world combined with his experience in the capital markets including risk management and arbitrage trading makes Watermark Exchange the leading trading platform in the secondary market with over 12,000 registered buyers. Watermark's trade desk is accommodating banks, larger hedge funds and private equity firms to sell their portfolios and therefore creating the ever crucial liquidity they need - and to the investors - more loans to buy at much better pricing. Prior to Watermark, Val spent 9 years in the mortgage industry from 2001-2010 as the owner of Consumer Capital Solutions one of the leading subprime mortgage originators in New York. In 2009 Val was featured on the Cover of Forbes magazine as one of the mortgage survivors on Wall Street.