Alex Sifakis
JWB Real Estate Capital

Alex Sifakis is a founder and the President of Jacksonville Wealth Builders (JWB), a vertically integrated single family real estate investment company located in Jacksonville FL. JWB provides acquisitions, rehab, and property management services to a wide array of buyers, as well as manage their own rehab-to-rental Fund. With 7 years (and ~700 houses) of single family experience, and an in-house acquisitions department, construction company, and property management company, JWB is able to procure houses that provide superior returns to what is readily available in the marketplace. JWBs experience extends to all types of houses and areas, A-D (although historically have focused mainly in C & B houses). Anyone can rent and manage an A house, but it takes expertly honed skills to rent and manage C houses, and the numbers (6.29% stabilized vacancy, 4.39% maintenance costs to owners in 2012) prove that JWB has those skills. Alex graduated from The University of Florida in 2005, and is a die-hard Gator fan. He still returns to Gainesville every now and then to guest lecture an entrepreneurship class for professor Rossi, and he was named to Jacksonville's 40 under 40 list in 2012. In 2012 JWB was named to the INC500 list (#362 overall fastest growing company of 2012, #12 fastest growing real estate company), as well as getting named the 8th Best Place to Work in Jacksonville, and getting recognized as one of 904 Magazines Companies with Heart, for all they do in the community.