David Buttross
Buttross Properties

David Buttross is the owner and operator of Buttross Properties and a licensed real estate and mortgage broker and banker. He is a residential and commercial real estate investor and owns an $80 million real estate portfolio with $50 million in real estate notes and $30 million in real estate, which consists of office buildings, apartment complexes, residential properties, grocery stores, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, churches and schools. David purchases bulk REO properties and buys pools of 1st and 2nd lien mortgages. Along with real estate investments, David is always looking for an opportunity to lend money for and purchase distressed real estate. He has purchased more than 1,000 properties since September 1, 2014. David is an angel investor, sells real estate owner financing, manages a small business incubator, provides consulting services to small businesses, and runs a full-service real estate company called Buttross Properties. The Buttross Properties website address is He is poised to re-open Buttross Bank of Commerce specializing in non-performing real estate loans from large institutions and distressed properties. In addition to David’s many business dealings, he had a television show and authored a book titled, “Long Term Greedy.”
In 1988, David received his real estate license and became a licensed real estate broker two years later. He then started Buttross Properties and David Anthony, Inc. Since starting the business, he has closed more than 3,500 deals across Texas and the nation, consisting of millions of square feet of real estate, while managing up to 1,000 units simultaneously.
Recent real estate ventures include a $12 million office building consisting of 122,000 sf at 7901 Cameron Road, $3.6 million office building with 44,000 sf at 8011 Cameron Road, $3 million sorority house at  2411 Longview with 80,000 sf, a Radio Shack warehouse that repairs one million cell phones annually, 50,000 sf office building at 8500 Shoal Creek, 80,000 sf hospital, 50,000 sf church complex in Palestine, 30,000 sf nursing home in San Antonio, a hotel in Hawaii and a motel in Manor, Texas. He converted ten nursing homes into an office, girls’ school, music coop, and living and working space. David also aided in the purchase of Prince Solms Inn in New Braunfels. Along with a hospital in Floresville, his portfolio includes a 20,000 sf house on 1000 acres in Dilly Texas, a 57 acre residential track on Highway 672, 63 acres on Highway 812, and two 80 acre areas on Highway 812. He is also the largest landowner in Elroy, and owns the oldest subdivision in the state of Texas in Nacogdoches, which was once home to 100 families and now serves as home to 25 historic houses. He owns three mobile home parks south of San Antonio. He recently purchased over 1,000 lots and acres in Boiling Springs Lakes, North Carolina and 50,000 sf of warehouse space in Smithville, Texas. He owns a 40,000 sf warehouse, which was converted into office lofts on 12 acres that will be redeveloped into a million square feet of retail and live/work space over the next five years. This $150 million project will be his largest to date.
Some of the companies he funded include Ray’s Barbeque, EPC Services (group homes), HHG Investments (drug recovery houses), ERA Bettinger Realty and Medi-USA. He founded The Pentium Group, where he has 15 real estate salesmen that report to him.
As a visionary and hands-on business leader, David has built a collaborative team of professionals at Buttross Properties and fostered a work atmosphere based on teamwork, partnership, and a passion for results. He has proven his ability to generate profitable business investments and excels in the most challenging selling and business situations.
David comes from a family of steadfast businessman, including his great grandfather who opened his business over 100 years ago and has not closed his doors since 1906. David’s grandfather and father where both in real estate and David’s sister is a real estate attorney. David has started and built businesses since high school and college when he ran a landscaping company and three used car dealerships. Previously, David was a gem trader where he bought gems from national mines and brokers in Tanzania, Africa, and sold the gems in Las Vegas at gem shows. His exceptional entrepreneurial work ethic combined with a passion for development and investment has served him well in the past and will undoubtedly make any future endeavors he undertakes a success.
David holds an MBA from Texas State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.
David Buttross resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife Betsy and his 4 boys, where he is an active member of the community. David is a member of the Barton Creek Country Club where he loves to play golf and tennis. He has served on the Board of Directors for various not-for-profit organizations and businesses, including The Rensselaerville Institute, Austin Social Venture Partners, Medi-USA and the Mexic-Arte Museum. Along with board memberships, he was the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and State Vice President for the State of Texas for the Southern Federation of Syrian and Lebanese Americans. David funded a scholarship at Texas State University and is an active alumni member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.
David is always looking for problems and figuring out creative ways to solve them. For example, David saw a need for WiFi in small rural towns and personally funded the program that provided free WiFi at every rest stop in Texas. He started the Austin Music Coop by converting an abandoned nursing home. David created a halfway house for single moms in Austin. He also donated $150,000 in discounted rent for a food pantry and homeless shelter.
David can be reached via email at