Philip Laren
Director MSR Services
MCT Trading Inc

Mr. Laren has been involved in mortgage banking capital markets and risk management for over 29 years. He is well known for developing financial models with applications to servicing value, pipeline hedging, optimal use of options for both servicing and pipeline hedging, as well as profitability and best execution models. He has presented on servicing asset topics at the MBA’s Annual and Secondary market meetings, and has taught both the Secondary Marketing and the Servicing Valuation section of the MBA’s School of Mortgage Banking II.
He is one of the few Capital Markets professionals with experience running major prime and non-prime operations, including stops in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, California, and Texas.
 His previous positions include: Managing Director at Countrywide Mortgage, SVP in charge of Capital Markets at Option One Mortgage and Director, Capital Markets, Ohio Savings Bank.
Mr Laren has managed the servicing assets for Fleet Mortgage when it was the largest servicer in the country, and HomeSide Lending, when it was a top 5 servicer. At both companies, he was in charge of pricing, buying, selling and hedging MSRs, as well as correspondent and Co-issue MSR pricing, and worked with the accounting department on capitalizing the MSR, as well as Ginnie Mae Early Pool buyouts. He also co-founded a “niche” servicing shop specializing in opportunistically purchasing servicing.
Mr. Laren received two Masters Degrees (in Economics and Statistics) from the University of Michigan, as well achieving a Candidate for Ph.D in Econometric theory from the University of Michigan.