Terri Adler
Chair of the Real Estate Practice Group
Duval & Stachenfeld

Terri Adler is a co-founder of the Firm, the chair of the Real Estate Practice Group, co-chair of the Distressed Real Estate Practice Group, co-chair of the Firm's In-House Counsel and CFO Support Services Group and a co-founder of the International Practice Group. Ms. Adler is considered one of the most talented and creative attorneys in her area. Her success is achieved largely by understanding the business goals of her clients and becoming a resource that is used to assist them in achieving those goals. While overseeing one of the largest real estate practice groups in the country, Ms. Adler has developed a wide range of expertise in all areas of national and international real estate practice including acquisitions, development, dispositions, financings and subdivisions, distress situations, and workouts. In addition, Ms. Adler has developed a particular expertise in structuring and negotiating complicated joint ventures relating to such transactions including advising on issues ranging from control, removal rights, buy-out mechanisms, preferred equity, and mezzanine debt. Finally, Ms. Adler has assisted clients in understanding the laws and regulations of foreign countries and assisted those clients in opening offices in Singapore, India, and Japan, and conducting transactions in various foreign countries including China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Taiwan (including the structuring of such investments through holding companies in the Netherlands, Barbados, Mauritius, and other countries). Most recently, the Firm's clients have become heavily involved in distressed real estate matters, either through being victimized by the market's turmoil or seeking to capitalize on the turmoil by acquiring assets at depressed prices. To address this, Ms. Adler has been focusing her efforts on the Firm's Distressed Real Estate Practice Group, which she co-chairs with Mr. Stachenfeld. In this distressed arena, her creativity and expertise in dealing with bankrupt entities, effectuating workouts and recapitalizing distressed entities is in particular demand. As a result of her extensive experience, Ms. Adler is able to address not only the real estate aspects of a particular transaction, but also the unique needs of clients in their national and international transactions and relationships. Ms. Adler received a B.A. in 1992 from The University of Utah and a J.D. (cum laude) in 1996 from New York Law School. Ms. Adler is licensed in New York.