John Halasz
US Home Aggregation

Mr. Halasz is responsible for managing US Home’s acquisition, renovation and renting of properties and the general management of the business.  Prior to US Home, Mr. Halasz was a Managing Director for a large aggregator of single family homes based in the Southeast.  Although his primary responsibilities were business development, he was actively involved in spot checking properties that were un-rented, touring homes in different stages of development and utilizing their proprietary technology to understand the direction of their markets, identify trends in purchase price, renovation and property management along with rental trends.  He is an opinion leader on Single Family Rental (SFR) space and regularly speaks in public forums on the SFR sector.  He has been personally investing in the single family space since the mid 90’s and is a hobby carpenter at home.  Mr. Halasz has significant experience investing, allocating and managing money, partnerships and businesses.  He was an award winning wealth manager and has been in the investment and real estate business since 1997.  Prior to that he founded built and sold a successful clothing company in San Francisco.  He graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Business, played D1 College and professional soccer and is married with 3 children.