DJ Van Keuren
Co-Managing Member

D.J. Van Keuren, Managing Partner/Co-Founder. Mr. Van Keuren has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate, finance, investment banking, and fund management and has structured over $5B of real estate investments in his career.

Prior to co-founding Evergreen Property Partners, Mr. Van Keuren was President of Real Estate for a private single-family office; a Vice President of Real Estate for the Hayman Family Office, the single-family office of the founder of Giorgio Perfume; Director of Family Office Capital for the Arsenal Family Office; Managing Director for the Jain Family Office; and Managing Director of the American Dream Fund.

Mr. Van Keuren has been named as one of Family Capital’s Top 10 Family Office Real Estate Professionals and as one of Trusted Insight’s Top 30 Family Office Real Estate Investors. He is also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, author of "Real Estate Investing for Family Offices," founder of The Family Office Real Estate Institute, The Family Office Real Estate Magazine, and is a frequent speaker at family office conferences around the world. Most recently, Mr. Van Keuren was a Family Wealth Alliance finalist for its Best in Industry Awards for Thought Leadership and Special Industry Contributions awards. Publications include Forbes, Family Office Elite, Real Asset Advisor, National Real Estate Investor, and Private Wealth. Mr. Van Keuren is on the Editorial Board for Real Asset Advisor Magazine, is the past President of the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization and a prior Board Member for the Real Estate Academic Initiative at Harvard.

Mr. Van Keuren received his B.A. from Ball State University, attended graduate studies in Real Estate from the NYU Schack Real Estate Institute, and received his Master's Degree from Harvard University in Management and Finance.